National LPG Public Complaint of the Month – Odorless Gas in the LPG Industry

The LPG Public Complaint of the Month is the prevalence of odorless cooking gas being dispensed at some LPG Terminals in the country.

As it is widely done in the LPG industry, a strong odorant such as Ethyl Mercaptan, is intentionally added to cooking gas during its production pocess, to aid its detection- for safety purposes.

The powerful odorant, which usually smells like badly rotten fish, helps people to know when there’s leakage of gas and saves lives; preventing the destruction of property through gas fire outbreaks.

The decision of gas processing companies not to add the odorant to cooking gas, might be a cost-cutting strategy, but it jeopardizes the lives and properties of the good people of Nigeria, who make use of cooking gas for their cooking, and other uses.

Therefore, Cooking Gas Terminals and marketers are expected to insist on the addition of the odorant additive to the cooking gas volumes that will be purchased from their various suppliers(LPG Producers).

This is simply the right and patriotic thing to do.