The best LPG Company CEO of the Year (2023) – Mrs. Omowunmi Adebayo

Mrs. Omowunmi Adebayo, the amiable and charismatic Chief Executive Officer of Gasland Nigeria Limited, has eminently emerged as the best LPG Company CEO of the year 2023.

Mrs. Adebayo deserves special commendation for her sagacity in assembling a top quality workforce, efficient management of the various Gasland LPG plants in different parts of the country and according top priority to staff welfare.

Her sublime leadership capability has enabled Gasland Nig. Limited to remain a top market leader in the cooking gas industry; amidst stiff competition from other high profile LPG companies.

The highly effective stock management system she has instituted at Gasland, which ensures cooking gas is constantly available at the bottling plants, is worthy of note.

Equally remarkable, is the competitive pricing mechanism she has put in place in all her LPG Bottling plants.

In a nutshell, Mrs. Omowunmi Adebayo is a towering epitome of entrepreneurial and leadership excellence, who is gallantly worthy of the best LPG Company CEO of 2003 award.