The most Outstanding LPG Personality of the year – Mr. AbdulWasiu Sowami

The most outstanding LPG Personality of the year 2023, is non other than Mr. AbdulWasiu Sowami, the celebrated man at the pinnacle of affairs at the following companies: Prudent Energy, Ardova PLC, Enyo Retail and Ignite Investment &Commodities Limited.

With Prudent Energy’s 6,000 Metric Tons LPG Terminal, Ardova PLC’s 20,000 Metric Tons LPG Terminal(nearing completion) and several LPG plants, trucks and other key LPG assets, it is safe to state that Mr. Sowami has one of the largest investments in the LPG industry in the country.

His midas touch made all his LPG companies to thrive and enjoy exponential growth in 2023.

There is no gainsaying that he is a worthy recipient of the exclusive award.